Medicurve 4PLY Disposable Protective Surgical Medical Face Mask成人医用口罩防护防病菌薄款透气 BFE≥99% PFE≥98% Latex Free / Fluid Resistant / High Breathability (ASTM Level III)
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  • Latex Free
  • Fluid Resistant
  • High Breathability
  • Safety & Protective
  • Signature Premium Soft

Product Description:

Medicurve Disposable Protective 4Ply Surgical Face Mask - Adult/ ASTM Level III/ Type IIR/ PM0.1/ BFE>99%
**100% genuine
**We are manufacturer
**Medical Device Authority
**MDA -1338-K120**
**Adult-embossed logo**

1) Origin: Malaysia
2) Manufacturing Standards: ASTM F2100-LEVEL III / EN 14683:2019-TYPE IIR / ISO 13485:2016/ CE/ MDA -1338-K120
3) Type: 4ply Earlobe
4) Product Validity: 5 years
5) Product Size: Adult - 175mm (+-3mm) x 95mm (+-3mm)
6) Packaging: 40pcs/box
7) Product Standard:
*Particulate Matter (PM) Rating: PM 0.1
*Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE): ≥99%
*Particle Filtration Efficiency (PFE): ≥98% @ ,0.1 micron
*Fluid Resistance (FR): 160mmHg
*Breathability - Delta P: <3.0mmH2O/cm2

*Welcome to MEDICURVE.
Medicurve manufactures superior single-use protective equipment (PPEs) and our products are made with the finest material in the world to ensure that we provide optimum level of performance in protection, breathability and comforts to the wearers.

Our popularity and recognition, just ask our partners. Medicurve supplies millions of quality face masks internationally. Our products assure that factories continue to meet standards of operation. Medicurve supplies to big brand pharmacies and personal care franchises. Our face masks are also trusted amongst kindergartens and medical professionals alike. Only the highest standards of material, production, and product. Most importantly Medicurve face masks protect you.

Medicurve一次性四层医用外科口罩 - 成人/ASTM Level III/TYPE IIR/PM0.1/BFE>99%
**100%正品**我们是制造商**医疗器械管理局认证**MDA -1338-K120**
**成人- 钢印logo**

1) 产地:马来西亚
2) 制造标准:ASTM F2100-LEVEL III/ EN 14683:2019-TYPE IIR/ ISO 13485:2016/ CE/ MDA -1338-K120
3) 类型:4层耳挂式
4) 产品有效期:5年
5) 产品尺寸:成人 - 175mm(+-3mm)x 95mm(+-3mm)
6) 包装:40片/盒
7) 产品标准:
* 颗粒物(PM)等级:PM 0.1
* 细菌过滤效率(BFE):≥99%
* 颗粒过滤效率(PFE):≥98%@,0.1微米
* 流体阻力(FR):160mmHg
* 透气性-压差:<3.0mmH2O/cm2



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