Xiaomi Mijia Smart Water Purifier 米家净水器直饮纯水厨下智能大通量即饮机双水机 Home Kitchen Dual RO Reverse Osmosis Filter OLED Display Faucets Direct Drinking Smart Mijia APP Control
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Brand Xiaomi
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  • Double RO reverse osmosis purification
  • Stable and efficient filtration
  • Easy filter element replacement
  • OLED screen display faucet
  • High-purity wastewater ratio
  • 2.5L/min Large Flow
  • Patented Dual RO Technology
  • 3-Year long-lasting RO Membrane
  • Smart Display Tap
  • 3:1 Waste Water Ratio
  • Horizontal Convenient Filter Change

Product Description:

  • Origin:CN(Origin)
  • Type:Water Filter Parts
  • Model Number:H1000G
  • Purified water flow:2.5L/min

Xiaomi water purifier Selection Guide


Xiaomi Water Purifier H1000G

Main Feature:

●2.5L/min Large Flow
No need to wait to receive water
● Patented Dual RO Technology
Industry-leading filter technology
● 3-Year Long-Lasting RO Membrane
Money saving and water saving
● Smart Display Tap
Machine Status at a Glance
● 3:1 Waste Water Ratio
First Class Water efficiency is more water saving
● Horizontal Convenient Filter Change
Efficient Effort Self-Changing

Industry first created
Double RO reverse osmosis filtration technology

The wastewater filtered by the RO main membrane is filtered again through the RO secondary membrane. The second stage filtration uses the pressure transmission of the first stage filtration, which has low noise and low cost.

Multi-stage high-efficiency filtration
Superior filtration system

Through 3 filter elements to achieve multi-stage filtration, layer by layer filtration, effectively filter out the rust, residual chlorine, heavy metals and other harmful substances in the tap water, and protect your family's drinking water health.


Large flow of surging water
2.5 liters of water in 1 minute
The water comes out faster, and it is fresh and ready to drink.

Pure wastewater ratio 3:1

The wastewater filtered by the RO main membrane is filtered again through the RO secondary membrane to increase the ratio of pure wastewater to 3:1, which saves water.

Preferred imported filter material
High efficiency filtration, deep purification

Select high-quality imported filter materials to improve the taste, the water quality reaches the standard of packaged drinking water, and the water is clear and sweet.


Screen display smart faucet

The OLED screen displays smart faucet, and the operating status and filter element status are clear at a glance.

Baby's health protection

BPA can disrupt the body's metabolic process, affect the baby's development, and cause a decline in immunity. The main waterway uses BPA-free material, which is safe and safe for babies to use.

Exquisite without occupying land

The 429.5x158.5x427mm small-bodied under-kitchen no-tank design meets most kitchen installation requirements.

Easy to replace the filter element

Easily replace the filter element, simple and convenient, 4 steps to get it.


Filter element life,water quality status
Mijia APP is intuitive and visible

One-click view of filter element usage, water quality TDS value, and water consumption.

The Integration waterways
Water leakage protection

The integrated waterway design has fewer interfaces and solves the problem of water leakage and maintenance after installation.

Package List:

Water Purifier Host×1
Filter element×3
Water purification faucet×1
Silence valve×1 (already installed on the machine)
Pe tube×2
Three-way valve×1
Adapter×2 (already installed on the machine)


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What's in the box

1 x Xiaomi Water Purifier H1000G

3 x Filter element

1 x Water purification faucet

2 x PE Tube

1 x Silence valve (already installed on the machine)

5 x Bayonet

2 x Adapter (already installed on the machine)

1 x Three-way valve

1 x User Manual

1Year Warranty